Barley’s Angels Duluth Superior

Our purpose is…

  • To encourage education and interest in beer among women.
  • To advance the female craft beer consumer.
  • To work with craft-beer focused breweries, brewpubs, and restaurants in creating a comfortable environment for female consumers.

Barley’s Angels – Duluth Superior is not just a social, beer-drinking club for women. Barley’s Angels respect beer and brewing, have a thirst for education, enjoy beer responsibly, and act appropriately at all times.

We are a chapter of Barley’s Angels, a global organization of knowledgeable women craft beer enthusiasts.

Barley’s Angels is a growing collection of individual chapters around the world that work with craft beer focused breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, alehouses and other public beer establishments to advance the female consumer craft beer enthusiast, resulting in increased patronage and revenue from women, while encouraging education and interest in beer among this often under-recognized demographic group. Barley’s Angels was founded February 2011 with the first chapter meeting at Rogue Ales Public House in Portland, Oregon. There are now over 30 Chapters worldwide. Chapters exist in six countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, and the USA!

General Information

Attendance is open to ladies only. Sorry gentlemen. By attending meetings you will always receive some excellent education, beer, food, and time with like-minded awesome women! The easiest way to join us is to come to one of our meetings. We meet 12x a year; six “official” meetings and six casual happy hours. Each meeting has a $5 fee, happy hours are free. This helps cover our costs. When you check in at the meeting, we’ll get your name & email and collect the meeting fee at that time. We accept both cash or check at the meetings! Throughout the year we may have special events that are an additional cost. However, we try our best to keep the costs reasonable and we try to supplement the cost as best we can.


Where do the fees I pay go?

Good question. Keep in mind Barley’s Angels Duluth-Superior is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization. The fees you pay go toward any operating costs like rental space for meetings and events, tasting and speaker costs when applicable, merchandise, membership prizes, booths at beer festivals when appropriate, food for meetings and other costs like printing and marketing materials. We also supplement the costs of special events like bus tours and beer dinners.


We also have awesome Barley’s Angels Duluth-Superior T-shirts and Tasting Glasses for $20 and $5, respectively!